2019 Tyke Division

Coordinator: Amanda Robertson iarobertson@shaw.ca
Team #1
Head Coach: Ryan McMurray mcman79@hotmail.com
Assistant Coaches: Todd Miller
Todd Hughes
Manager: Jamie McMurray jamiemcmurray@shaw.ca
Team #2
Head Coach: Jake Healey jakehealey23@gmail.com
Assistant Coaches: Russ Aunger
Tyler Konings
Manager: Simmarin Manhas simmarin@gmail.com
Team #3
Head Coach: Brock Andrews rammy75@shaw.ca
Assistant Coach: Corey Baldwin coreybaldwin@hotmail.com
Manager: Amber Cruickshank amber.cruickshank@gmail.com
Team #4
Head Coach: Ian Robertson ianarobertson74@gmail.com
Assistant Coach: Cam Smith camsmith@allnorth.com
Manager: Amanda Robertson iarobertson@shaw.ca


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