Concussion Awareness & Management

Concussions and other brain injuries can be serious and potentially life threatening. If managed properly, most athletes can enjoy long careers in sports after a concussion. Research indicates that these injuries can also have serious consequences later in life if not managed properly.

A concussion occurs when there is a direct or indirect injury to the brain. As a result, transient impairment of mental functions such as memory, balance/equilibrium, and vision may occur. It is important to recognize that many sport-related concussions do not result in loss of consciousness and, therefore, all suspected head injuries should be taken seriously.

Coaches, parents and fellow teammates can be helpful in identifying those who may potentially have a concussion, because a concussed athlete may not be aware of his or her condition or may be trying to hide the injury to stay in the game or practice.

Complete Concussion Management (CCMI)

Port Moody Lacrosse Association is dedicated to the safety of our current and future athletes. For this reason, we have teamed up with Complete Concussion Management (CCMI), a national research and concussion care organization who shares the same goal. This partnership brings the concussion issue under control and allows kids to continue enjoying the sport they love while also ensuring their safety.

We are currently developing a Concussion policy for our association and will publish more information here later this year.

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