Parent Code of Conduct

PMLA Parent and Spectator Conduct Towards Referees or Other Game Officials

  1. Port Moody Arena has been designated as a venue free from any comments towards or about our referees.  NO COMMENTS to or about the referees will be tolerated.
  2. Parent and spectator conduct policy will apply to both home and visiting teams.
  3. Any and all feedback fans have about the referees is to be channeled through their head coach.  Only the coach can escalate a referee issue.
  4. Port Moody Lacrosse Association is committed to intentional, immediate and significant consequences for parents that choose to act in appropriately.  Examples of inappropriate comments include:
  • “It’s about time!”
  • “There are two teams on the floor!”
  • “Finally!”
  • “Are you blind?”
  • “You’ve got to call it both ways”
  • “Good call!”
  1. Referees have the authority to issues warnings, have spectators removed from the game and/or suspend a game until such time as abusive fans have left the building.
  2. If a spectator is asked to leave, it is the head coach’s responsibility to name the person, and have this noted on the scoresheet.
  3. If a parent or spectator has been asked to leave the Port Moody Arena more than twice in a season, the third occurrence shall result in that parent/spectator barred from attending for the balance of the season.
  4. Managers/Coaches will educate parents about parent and spectator conduct at a team meeting to be held at the beginning of the season.  A member of the PMLA Executive will attend this mandatory parent meeting for every team to support this learning.

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